PRODUCT4 Announces PRODUCT4 Snapshot, Provides Total Customer Profiling

ST. LOUIS - (BUSINESS WIRE) PRODUCT4, a leading provider of bank branch automation products and services, today announced the availability of a new product that allows bank personnel to view the total relationship of a customer in a real time environment. Dubbed PRODUCT4 Snapshot, the system provides a centralized display of a customer's entire relationship with the institution, including host and third party data. In addition, with its customer strategy profile feature, a customer service representative is provided with a customer specific set of guidance based on a uniform measure of customer values and statistical models of customer behavior.

The company also announced that The Provident Bank (NYSE: PFS) of Jersey City, New Jersey is implementing the system throughout its 50+ branches.

"In order to provide exemplary service to our diverse customer base, we believe that our employees need to have access to a complete picture of a client's entire relationship with our institution," said Frank Parzel, Vice President at The Provident Bank. "With the rich functionality of PRODUCT4 Snapshot, we believe that we can now offer our customers the services of a large institution with the feel of a small institution. This is just one step in a series of initiatives assisting us in achieving our CRM goals. Clearly, this should give us a leg up on the competition."

PRODUCT4 Snapshot and Customer Strategy Profile are modules of the PRODUCT4 branch automation suite that includes Teller, Platform, Loan Origination, Call Center, Customer Care - CRM, Sales Tracking and Reporting, and imaging functionality. This suite provides bank personnel with a total profile of a customer's relationship with the institution. This mechanism also ensures that customers are presented with appropriate products and services, elevating their propensity to buy.

"These announcements are significant to PRODUCT4, as they provide our clients with yet another set of tools upon which to deliver the products and services that today's savvy customers are demanding," said Daniel Moskowitz, President of PRODUCT4. "Institutions are looking to utilize technology to increase productivity, improve operating margins, and grow revenues. We believe that our latest enhancements to our industry-leading branch automation solutions will help keep our clients ahead of their competition."

PRODUCT4, Inc., founded in 1991, is a leading developer of software products and services, which assist financial institutions to use technology to meet business goals. Its suite of products includes solutions for Teller, New Accounts and Service Platform, Loan Origination, and Call Centers, as well as robust Customer Care (CRM), Sales Incentive Tracking, Reporting, and Imaging Functionality. The company's systems have been installed in over 130 financial institutions throughout North America and the Caribbean and support over 6,500 bank branches.

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