Q&A Between Banterra Bank and Bank Systems & Technology

Q: What was the pilot like? How many locations added it to start with?

The pilot was hard work. However, the one thing that PRODUCT4 personnel indicated was that this platform system will only be as good as we made it. We spent several months working on the development of our software. The key for us was near the end of the development process when we brought one BSR from each of our 24 locations in Southern Illinois and Kentucky to actively participate in the process. Allowing the BSR's to customize the screen flow and make suggestions on ways to improve their job and in turn improve customer service paid big dividends.

Q: Where is the technology integrated, at HQ? In the banks themselves? Is it Web-based, client-server, etc.?

The software runs in a terminal server environment.

Q: How does it work? How do the tellers access or use the software?

Everyone in the bank from tellers, BSR's, and loan officers can access the program from their desktop computer. Even though they may not open accounts, they can still take advantage of the cross-sell screens and customer inquiry screen.

Q: What are the biggest benefits received from the software?

Banterra takes a lot of pride in providing excellent customer service. The time that it takes to open a new account has been reduced which allows the BSR's to spend more time building customer relationships and less time keying information. The program also prompts the BSR to talk to the customer about the different services that Banterra offers.

Q: What kind of results have you seen since adding it? What kind of time savings are you getting, for example? How does it help save teller time?

The average time that it takes to open a new account ranges from 5 minutes to 15 minutes (previously 20-45 minutes) depending on the type of account and additional services provided. The real time savings comes from being able to retrieve customer information from our host system. The customer information then pre-fills many of the fields thus allowing the BSR to move quickly throughout the program.

Q: How many branches use the technology now?

All 24 locations in Southern Illinois and Kentucky are using the PRODUCT4 software.

Q: What is your goal for the technology?

When we first started the process our goal was to have a faster platform system. When we saw all the capabilities that PRODUCT4 possessed, our goal was to also make everyone's job more efficient. This included not just the front line BSR, but also our backroom deposit operations and electronic banking division. Now we are trying to think outside of the box and see where else we want to go with the system.

Q: How close are you to achieving that goal?

Our initial goals have been achieved. We are constantly working on upgrades and finding better ways to do things.

Q: Where do you hope to be with using the technology a year from now?

A year from now, we will still be cross training our staff on how to use
PRODUCT4. And always, listening to the staff that work on it daily and see where their ideas take us.

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