PRODUCT4 Announces Agreement with First Federal

SAINT LOUIS, MO - PRODUCT4 announced today that it has signed an agreement with First Federal of La Crosse, Wisconsin to provide teller automation software to all of its banking centers.

First Federal has assets exceeding $2 billion and over 60 banking centers in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. Under the terms of the agreement,
PRODUCT4 will deliver a fully customized teller application for installation in a Windows 2000 server environment using Wyse WinTerm thin-client workstations.

Windows 2000 is the latest technology to support the migration to thin-client/server computing models. Thin-client/server computing is an environment that deploys, manages, supports and executes applications completely on a server. Multi-user environments are supported, and the presentation of PRODUCT4 software is distributed to the client device, while actual execution of the software runs on the server utilizing Windows Terminal Services.

This process eliminates the need for any software to reside on the client device; instead, RDP protocol is utilized for connectivity to the server. Recent studies project increased manageability and reduced total cost of application ownership (TCA) by as much as 50%, via a server-based approach to computing.

With thin-client/server computing, client devices may be "rich" (for example, the current offering of Pentium + class PCs), or "thin" (such as network terminals, older PCs, and other emerging, zero-administration information appliances). Inexpensive hardware and minimal maintenance to the workstation will significantly reduce TCA for the bank’s customer service systems.

Regardless, the bank will have instant access to PRODUCT4 applications via the server. In addition, thin-client/server computing works within current computing infrastructures in accordance with current computing standards, and with the current and future Windows-based products. This means extended life and improved returns on the organization’s existing investment in desktops, networks, applications and training.

"We have successfully installed thin-client solutions on both Windows 2000 and Windows NT / Citrix servers without changing a single line of code in our software because both thin and trim client architectures had been designed into PRODUCT4 applications," says Michael Ferguson, Director of Research & Development at PRODUCT4. "This will enable PRODUCT4 and our clients to support the same version of our software across heterogeneous network environments."

PRODUCT4, Inc., founded in 1991, is a leading developer of software products and services, which assist financial institutions to use technology to meet business goals. Its suite of products includes solutions for Teller, New Accounts and Service Platform, Loan Origination, and Call Centers, as well as robust Customer Care (CRM), Sales Incentive Tracking, Reporting, and Imaging Functionality. The company's systems have been installed in over 130 financial institutions throughout North America and the Caribbean and support over 6,500 bank branches.

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